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IRP (INTERNATIONAL REGISTRATION PLAN) enables carriers to purchase one license plate in their base state (where they live) and travel in any other state. But remember you MUST be registered for every state you enter. Any vehicle that has a gross weight of more than 26000 pounds and that crosses a state line must have IRP plates.

With an IRP Plate you can travel legally both intrastate (pick up and deliver within any state listed on your registration) and interstate.

We offer the following services:

  • Obtain IRP plates based in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana
  • Establish new IRP accounts
    (both tractor and trailer files for California)
  • Renew the plates annually
  • Make supplemental filings to:
    • add units
    • transfer units
    • replace registration cards and plates
    • add states
    • reclassify tractors or trucks
    • update your addresses


We are a licensed State of Illinois IRP Temporary service and can provide service by fax or in our office.  Call us if you need help in another state.  We have contacts through our Professional organization throughout the U. S. and Canada and we can refer you to someone in your area.


Base Plates:
We can help with any weight plate in Illinois

Special Hauling Permits:
We can tell you if you need an SHV Permit to pull a short trailer using the Grandfathered Bridge Law.

Permanent Semi Trailer Plates:
We can purchase permanent semi trailers in the State of Illinois. (Note: You must have a title in order to get a semi trailer plate in Illinois.)

More question?  Please send them in.